How to Buy Your Girlfriend the Perfect Gift [ COMIC ]

If anyone is reading this comic and thinking to themselves, “Maybe I should pawn my watch in order to give that guy who runs Dueling Analogs a necklace and/or Xbox One for Christmas…” You need to stop that kind of selfless thinking right now! I want the The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U Limited Edition Bundle… Or money. Yeah, just give me money. Drop me line if you want to send me some.

As far as this comic goes, maybe sure you also check out the extra panel available on Channelate. It is hilarious!

On a side note, this comic reminds me of someone I know who either consciously or subconsciously will only buy gifts for people that he would actual buy/want himself. I have never actual seen him buy anything for anyone that doesn’t fit this criteria. I’ve always found it strange and I will admit a little shallow too.

source: Channelate