How Shotguns Work (According to Game Designers) [ COMIC ]

Not exactly the same, but this comics reminds me of this other comic I created, many moons ago.

source: Arcade Rage


  • Nobody

    Not all games but way to many. I have also seen shotgun snipers which are just as unrealistic.

  • callak _

    The thing it, it REALLY matters what kind of ammo you stick into a shotgun. If you stick in something like a slug that you use against like a deer, a giant hole will appear into whatever and yeah, they are down. But if you put in buck shot, it’s supposed to take out a wider area, but of smaller things, like a flock of ducks. Now up close, buck shot would do massive damage for sure.

  • skyrender

    What’s funny is, that perception mostly came about due to the original DooM’s shotgun. Back then, it was hard to code a realistic damage-over-distance model, let alone account for multiple types of ammo for the same weapon. So they coded the shotgun to fire five pistol-powered rounds in a perfectly level spray that, if you tried to hit an enemy 10 feet away, would only nail them with 1 to 3 of the shots. That was really only powerful enough to one-hit the weakest grunt type. If you were point-blank, all 5 hit, and it was powerful enough to kill most enemies in one shot. It was a simpler time in game design, but the simplicity endured because it was a mechanic that was actually interesting.

  • indigit4l

    I’ve thought about it for years about the staple of the shotgun.. and it’s just because there’s really only so many methods to deliver a gun shot. A close-up but brutal damage gun is a great design option.

  • Rafael Martins

    The best version of this joke I’ve seen is