How Resident Evil 3 REALLY Started [ COMIC ]

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is still relevant, right? I know it came out in 1999, but kids today are still hip to this groovy title and rap about playing it on their Dreamcasts. Poor Dreamcast…

source: deviantART


  • shit mcposter

    This was the first game to truly frighten me. He came after me, so I legged it. Needlessly cinematic door opening loading screen happened. I’m safe. Except suddenly he bursts through the wall and all bets are off. Never been more terrified than that moment in a game.

  • WorMzy

    RE3: The last truly good RE game.

    • Strangelove

      Absolutely, it´s a shame the direction the series has taken since RE3… I remember playing RE1 in the dark late at night, hearing moans around a blind corner, half a clip of ammo… real horror :D

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