How I Feel When I Play a Game… [ COMIC ]

This is only part of the cycle.


  • Gary

    Wow, I guess I’m not the only one this happened to with Kingdom Hearts.

  • FuzzyWulfe

    For me, it’s most of the Final Fantasy games. I don’t think I’ve actually completed any of them.

    • Yue

      In FF games I personally just cheat my way through, the grinding is what kills the games for me, I just play for the story, so if I can get an exp multiplier cheat so I can level up quickly, I will. (I will rarely use the unlimited health though, mostly for EXP) This way I finished FFX, FFX-2 and FFXII within 2 weeks.

      • Callback

        Yeah, I’ve always wished RPGs had a setting to reduce the encounter rate and multiply the exp/droprate by the same amount, so you can opt for a fast story-driven adventure and have more exploration time with fewer interruptions.

  • Xuncu
  • Yue

    Yep… But this doesn’t only apply to games.

  • Jarrett

    Currently true for me with Darksiders 2 for some reason. And pokemon black 2, not that pokemon will ever be a hard game to randomly pick up and breeze through before the end.

  • Triaxx2

    Hah. That’s got nothing on Okami. I had to stop and see what I had done to find out what I hadn’t yet. That’s even harder than it sounds. Fun, though. :D

  • Pietro

    I’m having that feel with Xenosaga: Episode 2 withalonggermansubtitle. How do I do the things I remember doing but now cannot? D: