How God Created Pikachu [ COMIC ]

Zeus sure is a cheeky little bugger. Nonetheless, he does enjoys watching as well. That’s how we got the platypus!

via: Reddit


  • LatinoHeat

    I think “God” might be a misnomer… While technically a god, I believe that’s supposed to be Zeus. Using “God” as a proper noun implies this comic is about the God of a monotheistic religion.

    • BigLord

      “God” with first letter capitalized is the monotheist Christian/Islamic/Jewish god. Just using “god” refers to, well, an entity with godlike powers, i.e. a god (derp).

      So, yeah, I completely agree with you.

    • Joe

      Actually, “God” with the first letter capitalized, is a name, while “god” with a lowercase first letter is a description of the being’s existence. Christians (in particular, but not exclusively) have taken “God” as their own, and have managed to convince most people that they have exclusive rights to “God”, and thus all other supreme beings must only be “gods”.

      • Joe

        Also, Flying Spaghetti Monster for the win. *noodle noodle*

    • Grammer

      Also, if you notice that all the words in the title are capitalized, you will realize that it could be meant in either way, without loss of generality.

      • Joe

        Five internets to you, old chum.

      • Ryu

        “Doesn’t really work grammatically. It says ‘How God Created Pikachu’, if it was, ‘god’, then it would be ‘How *A* God’ or ‘How *THE* God*s*, or, more reasonably, ‘How Zeus’…”

        • Ryu

          “Oh also, the Laurel probably confirms it’s supposed to be Zeus. Not necessarily, but most likely.”

        • ENDG4MER

          Or, we could just be reading too much into it. That’s always an option. XD

    • Aggro

      While I agree at the points in capitalization made here, In both cases it was used correctly. All first letters of each word were capped in the title, and God was the first word int he sentence of the description.

      That being said, I think saying Zeus would have made more sense, because we dont have minotaur or centaur in the jeudeo-christian belief structure, it also would have sounded weird, because no one cares how, “Zeus made something.” He is the leading deity of a defunct religion. Also, Making and Smiting are like all that our God does.

  • Holy Dragoon

    And yah its Zeus since a lot of people relate him to his thunderbolts… and well pikachu is an electric squirrel…. basically

  • Paul

    Pikachu is a mouse, last I checked. Either way, funny.

    • Actually, to be specific, Pikachu is a Pika. Pikas are similar to mice, but different. (Hence the name.)

      • Holy Dragoon

        Thats why i said basically, since neither a mouse or a pika has a tail like the one in the picture lol

      • Jiazzz

        Pikachu is not based on a pika/pica, nor does it name stem from it.
        Pikapika is a Japanese onomatopoeia for sparkling), and chu is squeek in Japanese, like what a mouse does. (the Japanese name for a pika is “nagi usagi” btw and as usagi means rabbit, it is linked more often to rabbits than to mice in Japan)
        True, a pika is a rodent and you can generally say Pikachu is based on a rodent.

  • thewood

    Also Zeus was notorious for his sexual exploits. Had a lot of sex with a lot of women. Strangely, he was often disguised as an animal when he did it. First furry ever? Not sure if he ever had sex WITH animals though. Still funny.

  • Random Guy

    Ummm not really sure on the Centaur part, but wasn’t the Minotaur the creation of a queen and a bull getting the freak on and had nothing to do with Zeus but Posiden instead?

  • Just to note that the Minotaur was born of a human female getting it on with a bull, and it was Poseiden’s trolling.

  • Joe

    This is actually not a comment on the comic, but a comment on the comments. Still funny though.

  • Nemo

    A platypus is created when a duck and a beaver get drunk and do it or when a Oregon State person has sex with an Univeristy of Oregon person.

  • Wayne

    God is perfectly correct if you worship Zeus and not the Christian Johnny come late god.