Horton Hears a Who! [ COMIC ]

Last July, they let us know that Eidos is creating a Doctor Who game for the PC, PS2, Nintendo DS and mobile phones. After that… No screenshots. No progress updates. No small blurbs. No nothing.

One would think with series four of Doctor Who starting on Saturday that this would have been the most opportune time to promote the project. It’s fresh one the publics’ mind. Dammit Eidos, use that to your advantage! No one’s asking for the finished product (yet). We just want to know something. Who knows (No pun intended.), maybe they’re waiting for the two year gap between series four and five to tell us something.

Speaking of Doctor Who, I’m part of a new Doctor Who News Blog that launched earlier this month (What a coincidence that this comic is about Doctor Who as well? Odd…) It’s called The Who-Philes and it’s full of news and information that both new and seasoned Doctor Who fans, or who-philes as we call them, can appreciate. Check it out.