Honorable Business Strategy [ COMIC ]

Probably wouldn’t have as many problems if they were still using that logo. Everything went downhill for Konami after the rebranding.

Also, I think that first one should be “More 2D Castlevania.” Konami doesn’t seem to have a problem making 3D installments of the series. I don’t think they were able to cleanly transition the series from 2D to 3D, like Metroid did with Prime.


  • BigLord

    Yeah I get what you’re saying with Castlevania. It’s still a pretty good game, it’s just not… “Castlevania style”, if that makes sense. Metroid Prime was totally still Metroid, but 3D.

    • Serneum

      Mirror of Fate was 2D and was done in a similar style to the original games while being related to the newer stories

      • Cody Shiranai

        “Similar style to the original games” is a loose interpretation at best. It was still Lords of Shadow in 2D, which means 2D God of War. So still crap, I beat it in 4 days and took it immediately back to Gamestop, angrily.

  • callak

    Took me less than 2 days to finish Lord of Shadows: Mirror of Fate. So easy… Only missed like 1 thing my first run through.

    • Cody Shiranai

      And there was ZERO replay value and everything about the story I guessed merely from the artwork on the cover (front not back) and I was completely right (though, I am quite knowledgable of the original storyline and just went to the logical conclusion based on the original vs LoS story, IE Trevor being Alucard now because his father is Dracula).

  • Michael C.

    Metroid didn’t transition smoothly, Prime sucked. =\ The control scheme was a hot mess, and the targeting system blew dead dragon dong.

    • Oscar

      If that’s not a joke then that’s the most unpopular opinion in the history of opinions.