Hitman Logic [ COMIC ]

He doesn’t have the right pitch, but it will do.


  • moridin82

    dafuq did I just read?…

  • Yue

    Did he.. just cut her twin tails and glued them on his head?

  • oldtaku

    Mr. Producer is in for a surprise.

  • Lucithana

    I don’t get it. Where did Agent 47 go? He’s looking down at the girl, then we see the girl in the elevator.

  • IcepickEvans

    Hoo boy. I thought that this was going to go in a completely different direction O.o

  • n00body

    While this was funny/disturbing, it should have been prefixed with “NSFW”. >:(

    • Neospector

      Because loli panties?

  • Randomdude1801

    I don’t get it. I saw 47 knocking her out, then she’s right there on the elevator!