Hello, Hello, Hello

Hello, Hello, Hello - Dugtrio Pokemon

Hello, Hello, Hello

by Steve Napierski to Comics

Some Pokémon are better left uncaught.

  • jnite

    Who’s that Pokemon?

    It’s Dungtrio!

    • http://www.pierski.com Steve Napierski

      It’s Buttlett!

      • PrinceJonathan

        Buttlett used Mud-slap!
        It’s Super Ef…wait…that isn’t mud…eeww.

  • M.A.D.

    Wait… If that’s its butt, and that’s its head, then what’s in the ground?

    • Razikale

      probably his dicklett.

  • http://www.furaffinity.net/user/xuncu Xuncu

    Nothing at all!
    Nothing at all!

  • NayrEx
  • Twilightfairy

    I’d still catch it.

  • MetalCrow


  • Nemo

    hate to see what it evolves into…