He Fought in the War [ COMIC ]

Right now, I am nothing more than an innocent bystander. I am merely standing on the sidelines watching what consoles people are buying. I’m offering up opinions based on what I read and people I know, but I get no satisfactions or sadness regardless of whichever console is wins this war. I’m hoping that my apathy subsides, but my lack of interest in either the Playstation 4 or Xbox ONE doesn’t seem to be going away.

Even though I doubt it will be the winner this generation, I am still more excited to see what Nintendo will do with the Wii U. I am also really interested in Valve’s Steam Machines. Whether or not I buy one of those will be decided on the still ambiguous price tags. I still like the Ouya, too.

source: Facebook
via: Gamefreaks


  • PJ

    Console wars.. the “pc master race”… all that crap is so irrelevant now. They all do the same thing. Consoles are nothing but media center PCs now and pretty much every PC game that comes out today was made for console first, then ported. Whoever still has these kinds of arguments needs a visit from our old friend, Natural Selection. :)