Having Reservations… [ COMIC ]

Before I begin my diatribe, I understand that GameStop GeStapo employees are being made my the higher ups to pester you about reserving games. That being said…

Going into GeStapo for me is an ordeal. When I go to a GeStapo, 99.9% of the time I am there for one of two reasons. Either I’m just checking to see if there are any random treasures I might find or I am buying a used game. What I’m not there to do is make reservations and as such I don’t like being bothered repeatedly to the point that it feels like harassment. If you ask me once and I say “no”, then let it go. I think that’s fair. I’m not an insecure teenage girl and you’re not a drunken frat boy… no really means no.

Besides trying to help out a friend to keep his job at GeStapo, I have only made two reservations at a GeStapo in the past five years. One was for the Wii and one was for the PS3… of which I got screwed out of because the employees snatched up the first five consoles for themselves.

What about new games? Don’t I buy new games from GeStapo? Nope. Here’s my strategy… I buy used games from GeStapo and EB Games as my Edge card gives me a 10% discount on them. I buy new games from Best Buy because if I use my Reward Zone card for every $250 I spend there I get a $5 gift card. It might not seem like a lot, but I get nothing back at GeStapo. Plus, Best Buy has the best prices on anime DVDs without going online. So, $250 comes a lot quicker than you might think.

There’s a new shirt in the store design specifically after this comic:

Buy it, wear it proudly and let me know if any GeStapo employees say anything about it. Pictures of you with GeStapo employees would be cool, too.