Guest Strip by Darren Gendron and Bryan Prindiville [ COMIC ]

The four year anniversary celebration of Dueling Analogs continues today. Today’s guest strip was done by Darren “Dern” Gendron and Bryan Prindiville the collaborative team behind Hello With Cheese.

Hello With Cheese is hard to define. Well, I guess if you just want to call it a webcomic then it’s pretty easy to define. But as far as a genre to force it into, it is rather hard to do. I personally think it needs its own category: planned randomness… Fun and entertaining will work as well. Check it out!

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Make sure to return on Friday as the celebration continues…


  • Eddie Riggs

    rawr! \m/

  • Is this related to the rumors of the Jonas’ death? Hahaha nice one.

  • The Anarchyz

    After that pussyass band that he worked for, that was the next logical step.

  • Aubren

    this should be a t-shirt! This NEEDS to be a t-shirt

  • Nachtimlich von Kaiserheim


  • zair3

    great comic but their pants aren rediculously tight enough, think the little whisps that were left after invader zim was used as a blender part to kill lice