Guess Who? [ COMIC ]

They announced that Doctor Who is going to be released for the PC, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS this Christmas. Am I excited? Well, that depends… Eidos is publishing the game and even though they’ve been releasing some good titles recently, they have a track record of being hit or miss. Then, you’ve got to wonder what type of game its going to be. Anything besides a puzzle driven adventure game where the only violence is the game is the kind you avoid, would miss the mark. Then again, Eidos is a British company and grew up on the Doctor so they might know what the series is about. And you know the BBC will have their hooks in the project as deeply as they can get them (such is the BBC). So there’s a good chance it’ll be faithful to the source. I’ll comment more about this project when there’s more details than a bare bone announcement. Still, I know one person who will buy this game even if its the biggest steaming turd ever created… he’s just that loyal of a fan or that obsessed.

Now, you know what I would be really looking forward to? A Red Dwarf video game or Red Dwarf series 9 or a Red Dwarf movie or something new Red Dwarf. If you have never seen Red Dwarf, then you are depriving yourself of one of the single best television series EVER!

I know a lot of you use Adobe Flash, so I wanted to direct your attention to Foundation Flash CS3 for Designers. My friend, David Stiller, co-wrote this book. Honestly, that should be enough. The guy is a friggin’ genius and knows his product. In his illustrious career he has done work for NASA, countless automotive OEMs and for Adobe themselves. Besides that, the book also contains original artwork from various artists. Including some guy called John Kricfalusi… whoever that is…

Lastly, it is confirmed and I AM going to be at Katsucon 14 in February… actually February 15th through the 17th of the year 2008, to be exact. But before then, I will be at NekoCon X November 2nd through the 4th. I really need to add a convention listing under the banner ads… maybe this weekend.

And no matter how good a performance any other actor has given as the Doctor, when you think of Doctor Who you think of Colin Tom Baker. Explains the scarf.