Grounded Beliefs [ COMIC ]

If you’re going to believe in anything believe that extremely powerful wild animals can be captured by children, put in tiny pocket-size capsules and spontaneously evolve with the help of confectionery products…Works for me.

source: jagodibuja


  • Jnite

    I bet Brock is her favorite character.

  • Prinny

    admittedly she handles the situation much more politely than most cases

  • Ronnie

    Evolution doesn’t preclude religious beliefs. It only precludes taking Genesis as entirely literal, and even then, only in the sense that the days are not human 24-hour days. /nerdy Christian nitpicker

    • theycallmetomu

      We’re talking about Pokemon, not Sonic the Hedgehog! No idea why you’d bring up Genesis!

  • Raian the Fallen

    A beautiful Pokemon fan? Sign my ass up.

  • Buttsman

    IRL wimmins aren’t this hot.

  • what? did she say something? i only see her body…