Green Ring of Death [ COMIC ]

First off, credit for this comic must be given to David who posted this back in the comment section of a previous comic in August of last year. I enjoyed the joke as much then as I do now. Ironically enough my PS3 to Xbox 360 on ratio is about 10:1.

Second, for all the console haters out there this is the first console comic since October. Four and a half months without a console comic is definitely a fair amount of time. I originally had another comic I was working on because of events that happened this weekend, but it was a little more angry than I normally like to appear on the site. I was very hesitant to finish it, but with a few days between now and the next comic I might be able to get it a little more polished and presentable.

The Laughing Dog
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  • David

    Woohoo, I’m famous. =P

  • *Wii at the drumkit, plays: pa-dum-pxxxx!*

    He’ll be there all night!

  • Mosh

    I think my ps3 has frozen only 2-3 times in the 3 years I’ve had it. No problems, no complaints.

  • Chibi-Acer

    FYI, the PS3 does have a yellow light of death (YLOD). It’s obviously not nearly as prevalent as the 360 RROD, but I do know a couple people who have had the problem, in addition to a few dozen people I know online. If you poke around on the net you can read up on it.

  • David

    Aww, I saw my name and thought it meant me. Oh well, congrats to the other David for being famous.

  • Anonon

    Chalk up a console comic lover. These always get a good lulz out of me.

  • A.L.

    Xbox is always burning the hell out of someone.I think it’s general mentality that many folks stateside have with trying to be “extreme” and “awesome”.

  • Sean

    Funny indeed though for me 100% back words cuz I fear the red ring so much that the only games I play on it are the exclusives (that I can’t play on my pc ex: Mass Effect 2) and games or game were it is honestly better to play on the 360 ex: Bayonetta

  • Vman

    By “Green Ring of Death” do you mean “On and running perfectly” ?  Ya, I’ve heard PS3’s do that.

  • Tinq

    I don’t know how people can use an Xbox360 more than a PS3. You can’t watch free porn on an Xbox360.

  • Cedarfern

    hahaha working x-boxes will be the inevitable downfall of the PS3.

    IF Wii ever supports mature games, there will be no competition. ever. again.

  • Alright, I lol’d. As a former PS2 fangirl, and a current 360 fangirl, that really made me laugh.

  • Lightningbarer

    Oh…yeah…um, ha.

    I guess.

  • skeeter sexington

    the wii sucks wee