Gotta catch ‘em all! [ COMIC ]

I know I’ve mentioned it in the past, but I still think it would be interesting to have a game with a finite amount of creatures in any given area and where your interaction with them and their environment has a direct impact on their numbers.

source: Sephko
via: Gamefreaks


  • BigLord

    Lol, nobody wants ratatta :P

  • Metal C0Mmander

    The MMO Wakfu does pretty much that. Though there isn’t that many people playing (esspecialy if you don’t want to learn french) so it’s kinda hard to do a significant change to the environment.


    Oregon Trail did it sorta. The more you shoot the less you can find on a hunt next time

  • lomarcan77

    Unlimited Saga did this… you could manipulate the ‘ecosystem’ to obtain the wanted kind of enemies (given that characters had plus/malus on the different kinds…)

  • kit

    pretty sure all the shiny breeding evens it back out

    • Wazat

      Actually the pokemon breeders have done far worse to the ecosystem by boosting overall populations (every time they release unwanted ones, particularly severly inbred ones). That’s why ten-year-olds are being sent out in droves to thin out the herds, either kill or capture. But then *they* become breeders…