Girls that Play Video Games [ COMIC ]

Growing up, my best/closest friends were usually females. So for me, I’ve never really understood the shunning of them in the “boys'” culture. Then again, I also never had the awkwardness of engaging in conversations with them either. DATING+

In fact, it’s actually a lot easier for me to talk to women than it is with men… in general. With guys, if you cannot find a point of commonality, or controversy (we are guys after all), the conversation can become very stagnant very quickly. But with women, if there’s absolutely nothing to talk about you can always gossip about other people. It’s true. And it is also something that I am guilty of enjoying just a little too much.

But back to the subject at hand, my guess is a lot of male gamers, who are not comfortably in engaging in normal conversations with female gamers, are perceiving their “foreign” presence as taboo. And as such, some instinctually retaliate with aggression while others with lustful desires. Not saying either is right, just saying it’s my theory.


  • WorMzy

    Ew, who’d ever want to play Halo?

  • bidoopoo

    Conversely from the other side of this argument you have actual fake geek girls, and some girls who think that because they’re female guys should bow down to for the sole fact that they’re female. There’s also a contingent of the ladies who just wanna play games and thankfully they’re the bulk of the players out there.

    • TheyCallMeTomu

      I have never met a fake nerd girl. Then again, I don’t go to conventions.

      • bidoopoo


        No, you’re not likely to meet a fake gamer girl at a convention. The people who go to those tend to be your more hardcore gamers, or casual gamers looking to dip a toe further into the gaming world.

        If you wanna spot the fake gamer girl in the wild, just play any online game. Count how many times a female player brags about their skills vs how many times they’re actually victorious and how many noob-like questions they ask. Those are fake gamer girls, the ones who’ll storm into the game announcing how they’ll kick everyone’s ass, and die because they have low/no skills, or are more concerned with everybody knowing they’re playing with an ACTUAL real life girl.

    • Jackie M.

      The issue is that men rarely get questioned on their credentials. Sure, there are fake geeky women and women who expect praise for being geeky with female pronouns, but there are also fake geeky men and men who think they deserve praise for knowing that one vaguely funny line from that really obscure issue of this comic that everyone forgets about. For the most part, we should accept people’s love of things at face value and allow room for new fans rather than accusing women of not being “real” fans of things.

      • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

        I think men get questioned on their credentials, but it’s not solely based on their gender. Also, there’s just not a large number of pathetic people insistent on making it into a continuing meme.

  • yue

    “Wanna play some halo?”
    “What’s halo?”

    Is what should’ve happened. On the other hand, if you talk to them about Candy Crush, every women will know what it is.

  • Triaxx2

    Male or Female, the question is the same: “Halo, Drive or Shoot?” Drivers enjoy the challenge, shooters want the fun.