Girls and Video Games [ COMIC ]

I know exactly what you’re saying. Seriously, why do the male characters have to be so beefcake? They’re setting unrealistic examples for young boys.

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  • Jimmy T

    The comic seems to be going in the feminist direction, but i feel the opposite (By your comment, you do too)

    When I was choosing a character for Fire Emblem Awakening, the male options were all terrible. The adult was a gruff ugly sad looking dude, the middle age looked too young, and boringish, and the youngest was a child.

    I had to choose a female. I made a cute one, but not like a super sexy one. I don’t wanna play as gruff dudes all the time.

    • Sophie

      Guys in games are NOT always gruff dudes though. They’re often lovable “average teens” (most rpg heroes). Or sometimes they’re antiheroes (bioshock infinite, tales of vesperia, etc.). Sometimes they’re little boys (ni no kuni et al.). And they are pretty much always clothed! There is nowhere near that kind of diversity in women game characters. They are uniformly 1) Sex goddesses who are allergic to clothing or 2) children (as sidekicks or one half of a pair of twins). There are really few female characters with the dignity to dress themselves, never mind with deep or multidimensional characters. Final Fantasy XIII pretended for a minute, but then they felt sexually deprived and put Lightning in slutty valkyrie armor for XIII-2. I don’t think it’s radical to ask for my gender to actually be allowed to be shown as real human beings rather than just as objects for male characters or gamers. The fact that you and other male gamers actually make female avatars when given the option shows that game companies would not lose sales just by giving women a little respect, and us ladies would really appreciate having some role models over here.

  • Triaxx2

    I have to say, that inspite of all the ‘equality’ screaming, when Bethesda puts out Skyrim, or Fallout, where men and women are uniformly ugly, the first thing that happens is mods changing it. It’s… kind of insane I think.

    • Jnite

      People don’t want them to be ugly. They want them to be beautifully ugly! Yes, I know that doesn’t make sense but that’s what they want and they want it now!

    • JulieR

      The thing is, though, choosing to install a mod into a game is an individual’s personal decision… and whether I agree with a specific decision or not, I agree that having options and choices are overall good things.

      I just personally think this should also include having the choice of playing as a fully-clothed female character that isn’t an anorexic-looking stick with floatation-devices on her chest.

      • Triaxx2

        Which is the point I’m getting at. The Skyrim characters weren’t that, but the overwhelming thing that happened was people making them into those.

        It just seems strange that you’ve got one side of the equation screaming to get rid of those and another side screaming for more of them.

  • hydrocow

    I always wonder how the male characters muscles are on display when he is wearing metal armor.

  • Battle Catman

    I’m conflicted.

    I agree sexism is a problem in video games (and pop culture, and society…), and I dislike gender stereotypes (according to advertising companies, I’m neither a MAN or a woman), I’ve made a conscious effort to not use words like b*tch and p*ssy because they reflect negatively on the female gender, and I like to see properly-dressed female warriors, knights, and space marines in fiction…

    …but when given the chance, like in Soulcalibur, I make my custom characters female, tall, muscular, and dress them in as little as possible.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    I do think there need to be more SERIOUS female plate armor options.

  • yue

    Every rpg ever…

  • Sigurther

    Personally, I’m kind of tired of the ‘perfect character generator’ scenario. They don’t all have to be supermacho beefcake or rediculously proportioned cheesecake. We can have willow, slender characters or even beefy or obese characters. Mages don’t need muscles and warriors don’t need huge, unarmored ta-tas. For that matter, let us pick wether we wear the armored battle tank gear or the generously revealing gear. Hell, mix and match it for fun, keeping in mind that being a battle tank slows you down, and though the generously revealing stuff is stylish, attractive and easy to move in puts a huge target over your exposed cleavage or man-pecs.

  • DM Gray

    The problem is, games producers cant win, and so they often dont try.
    And then feminists complain anyway.
    It doesn’t matter when a male character is scantily clad, or overly masculinised, because “there are so many male characters”
    There will be more female ones, as soon as feminists remove the stick form their asses and maybe CONTRIBUTE rather than just criticise.
    Fact is, there are an abundance of great female characters (not just protagonists) but they are none of them “good enough”
    Only perfect will do.
    A shame, considering all the best characters are flawed in some way.

    • Little smile

      Actually they already did made some great female characters or did you all forget FF8 ?
      Rinoa, Selphie and Quisties didn’t wear to revealing cloths nor had they over propotional large breasts.
      Also that the main character had a Face scar with brown hair was a nice touch against the overall “pretty-blondboy” routine they usually had.
      The thing is, Feminists would even than complain that Quistis used a whip as a weapon or some other silly thing.

      And the Permanent complaining is the reason that game designers say “Aw screw it .we make Females for horny boys so that we atleast make one half (and in the end the bigger one) of the buyers Happy ” .
      As For me….i pretty much don’t care how the female characters look. The FF8 ones were nice i guess but mostly i can only say …meh.