Ghost of Video Games Past [ COMIC ]

Ah…The age old dilema of classic vs. modern.

source: DOGHOUSE


  • To the golden age of yesteryear, my fellow snobby Old Schoolers! *glass ting*
    These ruffians in the new generation with their auto-targeting nonsense and Online Play! They know not of the gentlemanly sport of writing down pages of passwords, nor the chivalry of asking your friends what the latest tricks and cheats were.

    • Damien

      TaTa and Cheerio my friend!

    • Foxie

      It’s funny, I’m 13, and yet I play my NES more than my PS3, or any other modern console.

    • jim

      So much graph paper…So, so, SO much graph paper

  • Retromancer

    WE wrote down dozends of passwords!
    WE rescued Hyrule,the World and other Worlds without any Quicktime events!
    WE beat the Robotmasters and saved the friggin Priuncess (without even getting a nookie, I might add)

    We know what we are and they are not!


    • Phaelin

      Addendum: WE beat the Robot Masters (but never that one Castle stage)!

  • Eyebrows

    Its kinda weird when my most run program on my computer are my (NES SNES N64 GBA) emulators.

    Aside from Tera, there has yet to be a non-sequel game that I have wanted to purchase in the past few years.
    And Tera only because of its new take on an old (and played to death) genre.

  • bidoopoo