Getting Steamed [ COMIC ]

Being a Mac user on Steam, this is really not an issue for me. Most of my time on Steam is me going, “Ooo, that looks fun. Oh, not available for Mac. Ooo, that looks fun. Oh, not available for Mac. Ooo…”

source: deviantART


  • Jasujo

    Lol This is what I tried to do during the sale, but it didn’t turn out well. At least I have more games to distract me from my empty wallet. XD

  • BigLord

    I really need to get some money… Even if my laptop doesn’t play those games, at least I can play them later, when I get a better computer.

  • Mygaffer

    “Steven Napierski
    I like games, I don’t like Windows. That’s why I use a Mac and play the consoles. Though I am considering getting a PC laptop, so that might be the solution.”

    If you really look into Windows 7 versus the OSX up to 10.7 (I haven’t spent any time with 10.8 yet) the user experience is actually really similar in a lot of ways. Connecting to networks happens in a very similar way, pinned apps on the taskbar duplicates functionality of the dock, there is instant search by pressing the Windows key, etc.

    I work at a repair shop and I fix Windows based machines and Apple computers as well. When people were comparing XP to modern versions of OSX there was really no competition, the UI and usability was definitely in Apple’s favor. The thing is XP is over 10 years old, that is an eternity. In the meantime OSX has seen a LOT of upgrades. When you compare Windows 7 user experience to modern OSX you find more similarities than differences.

  • I never buy games on Steam. However, I know several awesome people, and have been gifted 78 games. :P

    Granted, I don’t get to pick what I get, but my wallet isn’t empty either. Well, it is, but for completely different reasons, like bills. :(

  • Yue

    Didn’t buy a single thing during this sale… really surprised me…

  • Triaxx

    On the one hand, I point and laugh at your Mac. On the other hand, being a graphic design student, everyone expects me to have a mac. And I don’t and it seems to confuse them thoroughly.

    However, I have to say that I truly love Steam. I love the ability to utterly destroy my games by fiddling with settings and have them stop working, then being able to push one button and Steam FIXES the Problem. No other computer company can come anywhere close to that level of service and functionality. Any file issue is one click of Verify Cache away from being resolved.

    Now, does Steam have issues? Absolutely, the biggest one being that it deals in cash instead of points. And why is that the biggest issue? Because when you buy from Steam, you’re entering a credit card, which invites hackers to attack them to get those numbers. You NEVER hear about Nintendo getting hacked. And I don’t recall XboX Live ever getting hacked, because they both run (last I knew about XboX Live) on points instead of real cash. And yes, there are some people who complain about points, but frankly I think that extra layer of security is worth the effort, unless you use a prepaid visa card to buy everything.

  • Dash12345678

    Yeah, not buying the Arkham City franchise was a little tricky.