Genie in the House [ COMIC ]

Does anyone really need a Game Genie to beat Duck Tales? Maybe, Duck Tales 2 and definitely Battletoads, but not so much the original.


  • prime_pm

    Yeah, I played that a million times and never needed the Genie for it. Just to make it play right, though, cause my NES was a piece of shit, but otherwise, one of my rare few “no cheats” games. As for Battletoads, I got along fine using custom Genieless cheats. Never got past the swirling ball level. Genie cheats never helped with that one anyway.

    I’ve honestly never played Ducktales 2 though.

    • Because of when it was released, Duck Tales 2 is pretty rare. Also, when you die you lose your treasure is gone if you continue…Which kinda sucks.

  • I used to never use cheats, not even like the Debug ones programmed into games via button imputs and the like. Few years ago got a Gameshark for PS2 on impulse, mostly to fuck around with games I’ve already beaten (I still refuse to use guides or watch Lets Plays for a game I plan to buy, and always do at least the first run blind). Mostly only use cheat codes on anything, including emuations, if it involves some bullshit-rare drops, like the Artemis Bow in Final Fantasy 4 DS. Point-eight precent my ass!

  • Anyone rememeber the Game Boy version of Duck Tales? It was the same gameplay as far as I remember, and it was also great and challenging. I must search E-Bay one day for that game to play it again!

  • PrinceJonathan

    I once had Ducktales, never did beat it.

    I only have a Gameshark for my N64, PS2 and GBA. And I have an Action Replay for my DS. Only things I use them for are to save time by hacking things that I could have gotten normally if I spent hours playing. Or
    to skip past stupid hard parts.

    Like for LoZ: The Minish Cap I have an infinite shells code to help with those damn figurines.

    A Shinespark code for the GBA Metroid games.

    A max ABP code for FFV and VI, spend 20+ hours grinding ABP to learn abilities or *beep* “OK CAN WE GO NOW!”.

    Then I got an auto win code specifically for the Colosseum, because **** that place!

    The only thing I use the PS2 shark for is to auto win at Blitzball and get the Sigils, because **** Blitzball, **** the butterflies, **** the lightning, AND FUCK CHOCOBO DODGEBALL!!!

  • I have an Action Replay Max for my PS2 which I rarely use. Fun using it to mess with beaten games though, or access content you normally can’t use. Like playing as AI only characters in fighting games. Or wandering around inaccessible areas in other games.