Gem of My Eye [ COMIC ]

Sableye has always reminded me of Stitch.

Since I cut cable, I hadn’t watched Steven Universe in a while. Now that the have the episodes are Hulu, my daughters started to watch it and I catch it every now and then. When I first heard Steven talk in one of the newer episodes, I thought they replaced the voice actor. Not realizing that he had just gone through puberty.


  • Neil Dunsmore

    Oh boy, they would REALLY hate Spike if they met him.

  • Corey Murray

    That’s the thing with child actors, though. It’s the main reason why they usually get female voice actors to play pre-pubescent boy roles in cartoons and anime.

    • pierski

      Reminds me of Haley Joel Osment voicing Sora in Kingdom Hearts and how the voices sounded considerably different between I and II.

    • Malaysian Neocon

      They did it with Finn’s voice actor on Adventure Time too, aging natually along with the show’s character. Probably intentional as Rebecca Sugar earned her way to Steven Universe from her work on Adventure Time.