Garden Variety Mistake [ COMIC ]

That’s not the problem. Mario is into that kind of stuff.

So, you can make up your own mind. Was I going for the typical mushroom/hallucinogenic/Super Mario Bros. joke? Or was it just that Mario thought he was eating an extra life mushroom? Honestly, it was the latter. Didn’t even think about the ‘shroom reference until I was doing the artwork for the strip. Seriously.

So, the Gato Hero pre-order went awesomely. Hands down the largest pre-order to date. That said, we still do have some extra shirts that were ordered during the run. And the Voting Obama shirt will be in pre-order until Monday. Also, I am working with the printer to get those shirts back as quickly as possible so that those who ordered them can enjoy them before the election.

That’s about it. See you guys Monday.