Gaming with Friends: Then and Now [ COMIC ]

While I do see the point of this comic, I also think not having to actually see the people you are gaming with has its own advantages too. For example, you no longer have to actually see the people you are gaming with. Added bonus, they’re not in your house either.

Man… Modern multiplayer gaming is awesome!

source: Buzzflip


  • Hegalica

    It’s actually so convenient, that having friends is unnecessary.
    Because there are other random blokes to play with.

  • TetraSky

    And if they were playing on PC, they could both play in the same house, heck even on the same PC if it was powerful enough.

  • Kaligomalus

    I prefer old style multiplayer. Modern multiplayer has zero interest to me.

  • Mark Schaffner

    I articulated local multiplayer’s benefits very simply once: nothing will ever compare to being able to get up, walk over, and smack your friend for pissing you off in a multiplayer game. We used to troll the hell out of each other, though. Played a lot of FPSs and RTSs, and we’d be chiding and taunting each other the entire time we played.

    • pierski

      Taunting your opponents is definitely something that is better in person than across the net.