Gamer Coma [ COMIC ]

Thirty years ago would have been 1984. The Nintendo Entertainment System would still be a year away from the market. People might be playing their Colecovision, but probably still the Atari 2600. So something like River Raid would have been some of the best graphics this guy would have expected.

River RaidRiver Raid [Atari 2600]

If I had to guess, the next panel of this comic would have been this gamer dying from the biggest video game orgasm he could have ever had in his life. Just saying…

source: Dorkly


  • PiMan

    Poor example of best graphics. Anyone who cared about graphics in 84 was likely an arcade player, where graphics were much better.

    This doesn’t defeat the point of the comic, but it is worth noting.

    • You’re right. Still arcade games at that time still would have been 16-bit at best, beside the Don Bluth games like Dragon’s Lair or Space Ace which are an entirely different kind of format.

      Regardless, something like River Raid would be about what the average gamer whom didn’t frequent arcades would expect in 1984.

      • LimEJET

        Ahem, what about Elite? That came out for virtually every console and computer that existed in ’84.

  • wryy

    Would he be more surprised by the graphics or that Star Trek thingy the doctor uses to show it?

  • thewood

    I dunno, there were some sweet games on Atari. I have The Dark Crystal on the floppy disk expansion for my old Atari. It was a text-based game that had images! They looked better than a lot of NES games did!