Gamer Boyfriends [ COMIC ]

I bet this boyfriend can correctly name the original 150 Pokémon.

source: deviantART


  • Sparanda

    Actually, according to the Internet, the guy would spout 7 different memes during those panels, mostly involved arrow to the knee and over 9000, and possibly Chuck Norris.

    • Romulet

      If Chuck Norris took over 9000 arrows to the knee, he could be far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

  • Alex

    Everybody knew this guy in our early twenties. Hell I knew that guy in 1991.

  • Jnite

    What about the third option where the guy tries to do both at the same time.

    I didn’t say it would end well.

    • Yue

      Both at the same time uh… Hopefully the dude will close his mic…

  • Klaster_1

    The third way should be about guy waking up from his dream of ever having any girl nearby.

  • BigLord

    I know people who try to do both at the same time, heh. Sometimes they succeed.

  • Blayde

    The real third way should be him gaming while making out, achievement unlocked for sure

  • Ry

    This situation has happened to me. I had just gotten the Playstation one and I invited this girl over to show off the demo disc. She got undressed and lounged around in her bra between me and the TV. I was still amazed with the PS1. I mean, WTH, polygons? 3D? Holy F! Personally, I don’t understand that if some girl is throwing herself at you while you are already pre-occupied with something very interesting, it’s considered bad if you don’t act on it. I don’t come out and ‘wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah’ in front of a girl while she’s watching sex in the city, or true blood or some mess. I dunno, I guess I’m in the minority of guys who don’t think that the space between a girls legs is the most important thing in existence.

    • DrNonsense

      Heh, seems familiar, pretty much the only situation i quit running mmo games :)
      To be honest, until now, reading the comments, i’ve never thought about both, simultaneously… i mean, how? For real, now give me some tipps here! And in my opinion, half an hour cut-scenes don’t count.

      To Ry:
      If this is how you feel comfortable, no problem with that, but please don’t generalise this as you do. Maybe for some, but at least for me (and i bet for some others too) it’s not about “the space between a girl’s legs” how you say it, but about spending (intimate) time together, social interaction, which is always dependend on another person and their current condition. A game on the other hand, you can always put away and pick up again, whenever you like, very much different than with other persons. Sure, today, there are mmo where you’re practically interacting with others too, but i wouldn’t care to much about loose game communities and a good guild or alike should kinda understand that ;)

    • DrNonsense

      Also, i forgot, so please excuse the double post.
      Why you never tried “wiggling” or whatever you do in front of a girl/ your partner watching TV (which is kinda easier to interrupt or even do both, than it is with gaming), or another occupation, just might pay off, spice up the situation/ relationship.

  • Brian

    When you live with a girlfriend, making out isn’t exactly a major event. So I sometimes follow the internet timeline until panel 5 haha. We’ve tried option three that other people have mentioned and the game gets forgotten pretty quickly.

    • Phaelin

      Making out is not a major event? I live with my fiancee, and I must say, it is a very major event. Also, kinda rare now that we live together, so definitely major!

      • Brian

        Why would making out be kinda rare now that you live together? My girlfriend and I have been living together for about 3 years, so it happens pretty much all the time. I’m not exactly gonna drop what I’m doing every time she wants me to.

        @IT below, do you live with a girl? My girlfriend isn’t a gamer and she never seems to get that you can’t pause multiplayer online games. I don’t blame her for getting annoyed though, cause sometimes “to the end of the level” is 20-30 minutes haha.

  • IT

    Or the alternate option:

    Girl: Hi, I see you’re busy. How long will you be at this?
    Guy: I’m going to run to the end of the level, why?
    Girl: I was thinking that I’d like it if we could spend time together. Would you be interested after you’re done?
    Guy: Yes!

    Because there’s no reason to interrupt one fun activity for another when you can just communicate like adults.

    • Jeff

      What? Maturity? There’s no room for that in a discussion of video games and making out!

  • Mygaffer

    No matter how well I was doing in Heroes of Might and Magic 2 when my ho took her top off it was fucking time. Can I say that here?

  • TheRealOriginalGrover

    The ultimate gamer girlfriend:

    Her: Hey, wanna fool around?
    Him: Fuck yeah! *tosses controller/mouse*
    Her: No, keep playing… as best you can…
    Him: *eyes in heart shapes, grins like an idiot*

    BTW, marrying a gamer girl does have its perks.