Health Screening [ COMIC ]

Besides when the iPhone was released in 2007, I don’t think I’ve seen a mobile device revolution like it since the original Game Boy was launched in 1989. Not saying there weren’t other popular handheld systems, but there was just something about how the Game Boy changed the landscape and general atmosphere of portable gaming… You had to be there to understand.

And you know what made the Game Boy really successful? Coming bundled with Tetris. Before then, kids in school who either chose to play Oregon Trail or Tetris were the only ones who really knew of the game. After that, it was everywhere. And when Christmas rolled around and they released Tetris for the NES… Well, that’s when it became a global phenomenon.

In conclusion, the Game Boy rocked and people like Tetris.

source: Lunarbaboon


  • Volvagia720

    I remember trying this myself. My poor gameboy pocket accidentally got my knee through its screen, serves me right for leaving it on my bed. But woe was me, no amount of TLC was able to keep it from the grave that is my closet.

  • moridin82

    Man I used to love playing Oregon Trail.

  • Exodus

    I am proud to announce I have played but never owned any form of Tetris because I hate it…Game Boy’s still rule and Oregon Trail was the shit!

  • Triaxx2

    I was cleaning my room the other day, found my original Game Boy and replaced the batteries. Next thing I know, I’m staring at Pokémon again. Those things were tough.

    Heck, for that matter, I found a Game Boy Color that had been pressed into the ground, with tire tracks on it, took it home and it still works just fine.

    I’ve had cellphones that weren’t even half that tough.

  • Rex Renard

    Tetris and later Zelda, Links Awakening got me thru high school, I forget how i lost it, had one of the early ones lots of good times and fun games. Even helped instill a good work ethic so i could afford to by my own games and add-ons, tetris helped make stocking shevles easier too.