Frags of Our Fathers [ COMIC ]

Gamers understand that video game violence does not cause real world violence…Well, not normally.


  • stoutfiles

    Ignoring the horribly drawn Grunt/Elite, why is Halo being played on a PS2?

    • Mathias

      PC Port. The PS2/PS3 controller is either plugged into a USB adapter or he’s using special software to pickup the wireless signal. Also explains how he can play the GTA/Saints Row game and the COD/BF/MoH games.

      • stoutfiles

        Can you also explain why his thumb is never on the joystick?

        • -.-

        • Deathdragon


      • Nam-Ereh-Won

        I’ve got a PS2 to 360 controller adapter. Only way I can play fighting games when I don’t have access to a stick.

  • Dias

    I don’t get it.

    • Sensei Le Roof

      It’s a statement against the “video-game violence causes real-life violence” stupidity the media shove at us.

  • yue

    eeewww FPS with a controller.