Forgot What I was Doing [ COMIC ]

I agree with this comic, minus the part where Dragon Quest V is referred to as a dumb game. That game is friggin’ awesome!

source: Timecowboy!


  • MindTricked

    Man, I don’t know how many games over the past 20 years (before that, I would actually start AND finish games, if said games could be finished) that I’ve done this with. I think I’m going to have to do it with Mass Effect.

    *oh, shut up*

  • Deweysaurus

    I bought IV, V, and VI for my DS because they’re so great, but I’ve had to do this with VI at least four times now because it’s just so aimless compared to the other two. I’ve never even bothered with the Fallout games because of this problem.

  • Painstream

    It’s worst when that happens with an SRPG. So many characters, so many maps, so much grinding. Don’t lose momentum, or you’ll never play it again. :P

  • Jeff

    That happened to me with Final Fantasy 3/6 a number of times. I don’t think I ever managed to finish the game, in spite of how much I love it. Really need to download it on the virtual console…

    • anon

      Really? I played it when it was a brand new game. Hooked me in and I ended up finishing it in like 2 days. It had a great cast of characters, they all had their own song. Wasn’t hard to find out what you needed to do next, until you got like halfway through the game after this one event. =P