For the Love of Pidgey… [ COMIC ]

You want to know a secret? You know that egg you are trying to hatch? Well, that’s probably a pidgey, too. Shh…


  • Halrawk

    People keep complaining about Pidgey and Rattata. All I get is freaking drowzee, I’ve got like 400+ drowzee candy, plus a Hypno at the max level I can have it for now. I’m so tired of all these drowzees.

    • Paul D’Arbonne

      Hah! Tired of those drowzee, eh?

      • Zach

        haha- boooooo

      • bawboh

        I logged in just to upvote this.

      • Halrawk

        It was 100% intentional :P
        My friend are all annoyed at me for making that joke, often.