Food Buff [ COMIC ]

There is a similar aspect to this in Torneko – The Last Hope. In the Lost Forest, there are Berserkers who will attack anything including other monsters. Every time they kill a monster they go up a level and get tougher. It makes for some interesting gameplay.

source: NPC Comic


  • oldtaku

    Borderlands 2 has this as well – and again with the Berserkers. If they kill other mobs they level up, and then they’re worth more XP to you. But if you let the other mobs kill them you get nothing. It’s quite a challenge to farm one up to G0dzerker for the achievement and the extra drops.

  • Erthshade

    I actually saw this happen in the latest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. A croagunk defeated a low-level party member I’d just recruited, gained experience and evolved. Jaw-dropping when it happened, but managed to recruit the evolved form, who was then about 20 levels above the rest of the party.