Flagpole Sitta [ COMIC ]

With E3 going on and the announcement of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii, I got in a nostalgic mood for the original, 8-bit, Super Mario Bros. And in nostalgic state-of-mind I thought about the legendary quest to jump over the flagpole. In my honest opinion, it is impossible to jump over the flagpole in the original Super Mario Bros.. Now in Super Mario Bros.: Lost Levels a.k.a. Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan) it’s easy as pie to do with Luigi. He kind of flutters. But, in the first game it is impossible.

But wait, Steve. I’ve seen videos online that show people doing just that. So? I’ve seen videos online that show people microwaving cellphones that turn into demons. I don’t think that’s real and that took a hell of a lot longer to fake make. Give me Adobe Photoshop and Flash and an hour or two and I could make the exact same video. Now, if someone can show me it happening right in front of my face, then I will believe it. Otherwise I have already wasted too much time talking about this silly thing.

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  • zayus

    I jumped the flagpole.. It took a game genie to pull it off, but it was doable… And endless void of nothingness exists beyond the castle.. I don’t recomend it

  • CC

    I too have jumped the flag pole. only way to end the level after it is to jump on the wrong side of the flag pole and it spins you back to the normal side

  • Woody

    You have to have a Game Genie or something equivalent to pull it off. Just playing the normal game, it’s not possible. I have jumped to where I was above the flagpole and should have passed over it, but it bounces you back to the top of the flagpole. There is no jumping past it. Now this is the original NES version, it may be different with the multi-game thing for SNES, and probably is different for emulated versions of the game.

  • CDC

    You don’t need a game genie, I’ve done it. Now figure out how to get fire as small mario-also possible without cheating. There’s lots of little glitches that you can exploit-it’s half the fun.

  • Screamer

    I did it once in 2-3 iirc where you have the floating platforms from which you have to jump the flagpole. apparently I jumped at the exact right moment, cuz I went over the flagpole… I was stunned.
    No tricks or game genies, guess it’s one of those one in a million

  • I’ve done it. I’d like to show it personally, but then I’ll have to travel out of Norway. Ask my friends on my blog. They know I wouldn’t lie.

  • Vinny

    I did it with a game genie, and if I remember corectly the code SL00G0VS would give huge jumps or something. There’s nothing over there though.

  • Steve Sly

    Luigi fluttering? I think you’re confusing your Mario 2’s.
    It was the US Super Mario Bros. 2 (Doki Doki Panic, Japan) where Luigi’s jumps can be described as “fluttering”.

  • Andtalath

    I’m not convinced of either point, but having seen what can be done with bugs in many games to the NES, it definitely wouldn’t surprise me that it could happen.

  • Kayden

    It is definitely possible. Again it’s been years and I have the convenient excuse of not remembering what level I did it on, but it is possible. You just keep running and running and running. If the flagpole goes off screen, you have to reset because you have no way to end the level.

  • Dark Fenix

    Heads up, you might want to fix the link:
    Games I’m Glad Were Never Made… (poster)
    As it currently is broken. Awesome comic and poster.

  • RandomGuy5645656

    Me and my cousins and my brother did jump over the flagpole on the original Mario Bros without Game Genie.

    I accidently kicked the NES right as my brother jumped Mario at it, and the NES being extremely glitchy when kicked (like the SNES, which erased all data on Link to the Past thwn I accidently kicked that…) Mario went throught the flagpole and we kept running forever to the right…

    We never got it to work again

  • @Dark Fenix Thanks for the heads up.

  • Frank

    I like the Harvey Danger reference.
    Mario looks so forlorn.

  • Justin

    Yeah, i think he means the Super Mario 2 where they just slapped the engine of some other game cause the Japanese thought The Lost Levels was too hard for Americans.

  • @Justin No I mean Super Mario Bros.: Lost Levels a.k.a. Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan). Luigi’s controls handled differently in that as well. Remember, that game had wind as well. It was a lot easy to Luigi to get blown back by in than Mario. The physics are harder to see from just watching, but see Luigi easily jump over the flagpole: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0cMn1at0lI

  • The Anarchyz

    I played Super Mario Bros. 2 (J) in my Famicom when it came out, it’s true that the game has different physics than the 1st one, Mario can accelerate and break fast but the jump is normal, Luigi on the other hand has a slow break and acceleration but the jump is higher… There were levels where jumping the pole was just for fun, other levels had a trap with it (a Warp Zone to an earlier level is one of them)…

  • trancebam

    My mom jumped it once. And I’m quite serious. I was never able to do it, and she did it without a game genie. It was awesome. All that happened though was she got a 1up :S

  • AuToFiRE

    I jumped the flagpole once, w1-1, no cheating device, i was actually quite surprised i did it and i wasnt even trying to

  • gelugon2105

    I hit an invisible wall for my version, for some reason.