Five Days of Lull – Value=dead_ [ COMIC ]

We’ve reached the middle of the Five Days of Lull that I mentioned in Monday’s comic. In short I’m running past guest strips that I have done for other webcomics everyday this week in lieu of new content due to limited time constraints. Besides, I think it’s a interesting look at some stuff most of you have never seen before.

Value=dead_ is a defunct webcomic (starting to notice a trend this week) done by Erica Batton. The comic was brief snippets of the lives of characters that surrounded themselves by anime and gaming fandom. I really enjoyed the strip. I was also honored by Erica doing a guest strip for the outer circle as well.

Seems to be too many fallen comrades in the webcomic community. Sad really.

See you tomorrow for day four of the Five Days of Lull.