Five Days of Lull – Comet 7 [ COMIC ]

So my day finally came to a calm, a.k.a. a lull, a few short hours ago. I was originally going to haphazardly throw a new console comic together and then I thought I might run one of the guest strips that I had done for other webcomics over the years. Then, I was thinking that if I just ran one it wouldn’t be that spectacular. But what if I upped the regular two comics a week to five this week and ran guest strips each day. And that idea really appealed to me. The reader gets more updates and I still get to be a lazy bitch… Actually, not really. I’ve got something else I have to finish by June 5th for Dueling Analogs. This just gives me the opportunity to use the time that I would normal devote to the comic to this side project instead.

Today’s comic originally ran on, the now indefinitely defunct, Comet 7 on October 27, 2005. That was almost one month before the launch of Dueling Analogs and as such it’s a pretty good bet that most of you never saw it. The best part about doing a guest strip for Comet7 was not so much the honor of being asked to do one, but what David said about the comic itself:

I like to think I am a decent artist. Heck, I like to think of myself of sort of a renaissance man when it comes to drawing water coolers. But I’ve come to understand that my water cooler ability pales to another. I am clearly a second place in this water cooler drawing race. The margin between our two coolers is vast, with me not even visible as the winner crosses the finish line.

The winner is Steve Napierski, creator of Not only does he draw an amazing water cooler, but he has taught me how to feel again… he has taught me what it means to be a man. All that being said, if you didn’t notice I really like Steve’s work and I’m really happy with how his guest strip turned out.

Thanks, Dave. And please come back one day. The webcomic world misses you. And that said, you make sure to come back tomorrow for another look at past guest strips I have done over the years. See you then!