Fire Emblem Awakening [ COMIC ]

I have to be one of the most boring people in the world when it comes to picking an avatar or naming a character in a video game. Do you know what I do? I use the default. That’s it! The only time I do not use the default is when there isn’t one. Otherwise that’s what I use. Do you want to know why? Because whenever I try to talk to someone about a video game that I am playing, I don’t want to have to remember that BUTTFARTZ in my Final Fantasy VII is really Vincent Valentine for everyone else. It just keeps it simple. You might consider it boring, but I consider it easier to remember.

source: Timecowboy!


  • Meowththatsnotright

    Nine out of ten times, if it’s a new Pokemon game, I’ll call myself Riddles (since it’s my RL nickname) and play as a boy, because I find it my own personal journey. If i buy the update version (like Platinum) or the other version of the game (like having Heart Gold and then buying Soul Silver), I’ll play as a girl with a silly name for fun. Plus some games, like Persona 3 Portable, playing as the female gives you an alternate story. my two cents :D

  • Ryu

    Most games with a customization and name system are games with generic main characters who either have a name or title that is uniform (Shepard, Hawke, the Vault Dweller) or the main character isn’t anyone at all (like most MMOs, Terraria, Starbound). So, I don’t see where the name issue is a thing with those.

    Definitely, in games where characters have a set personality, I prefer to stick with the canon and let them tell me a story.

    • Ryu

      Also, the main character of FFV will always be Buttz to me.

  • Seth

    I usually just go with the default, too. Second time I played FFIX, though, I changed Steiner’s name to Rusty. He deserved it.

  • Sabbo

    I’ll essentially always use default names, but I do have a habit of using the best possible looking avatar I can. This often results in crossplaying.

  • Fox

    I almost always use either “Alaric” or “Lupin.” The former works great for RPGs, the latter for anything else.

  • ThisIsNotDan

    I like the default names, but sometimes on a second playthrough I’ll rename characters a certain way to see if scripted reactions to their names change. So far, no dice–Cloud is still confused about Red XIII in Cosmo Canyon when I name him Nanaki at the beginning; nobody suspects that Cait Sith is Reeve even when I name him Reeve from the get-go; and Nabooru still thinks that Nabooru is a weird name when she meets the fairy boy who bears it.

    Alternatively, naming yourself “dammit” can have interesting results when playing a game where your character is frequently referred to by name. “We have to hurry, dammit!”

  • Noblood

    I use default names also whenever I can except with the recent Pokemon X and Y since you can customize their looks to look totally different, I didn’t feel like that they are real characters with default names. In fact I don’t like any human character in Pokemon X and Y except Ema and Looker.