Finding the Perfect Match [ COMIC ]

Or you could always just accept them for who they are and simply enjoy the differences between each other, right?


  • Phaelin

    Bulbasaur is the “easy” choice for the early game. Squirtle is the “medium” choice. Charmander is the “FUCKING AWESOME” choice.

  • Konoko

    I just like Bulbasaur, m’kay? (Because I’ve never played a Pokémon game, but I loved the series.)

  • David

    Bulbasaur was my first Pokemon. I liked Charmeleon but I was never a big fan of Charizard and the plan was to get a Arcanine as soon as possible. Squirtle was a close second. I can’t remember what broke the tie between those two but it must have been relatively big because outside of battle I prefer Squirtle and Blastoise. I had things planned out because I’d been waiting for the game since before the cartoon. Although that didn’t entirely work out for me. I misread the Gym badge level functionality as meaning all Pokemon, regardless of how they were obtained, would stop following my commands once they passed my gym badge level. So I’d be kicking butt and then freak out because my Pokemon was about to level.