Fashion Senses are Tingling [ COMIC ]

Link has always enjoyed looking faaabulous…

source: deviantART


  • Haha! :D
    I must admit, I recently played Ocarina of Time on my N64 and I actually did run around in the Zora Tunic :D
    …and I was rather sad when my Golden Gauntlets kind of ruined that look :P

  • Triaxx2

    Yeah, I always hated that. Of course if you swap to the Hylian shield it works better. Not perfect, but not too bad.

  • Yeah, that always bugged the hell out of me (more than it should have). Ah, well, it was endgame by then anyways. Well, I usually stuck with the Goron tunic anwyays; I like red, it reminded me of the Red Ring and Red Mail/Tunic from 1 and 3, and one of the wikias said that most players do default to the Gorn Tunic since it stops you from burning and gives you some immunity to some hazards.