Exclusive Deal [ COMIC ]

I was working on my computer, last Thursday night, when it abruptly shut down and began installing Windows 10. To the best of my knowledge I never agreed to upgrade, but here we are. There was some initial issues with my NVIDIA graphics card and my Cintiq, but that all seems to be resolved now. Nonetheless, when it happened I was mighty upset. It was 11pm and I was still working. Fortunately, I had recently saved what I had been working on. So there wasn’t that much work to redo, after the OS updated, forty-five minutes later.


  • Sigurther

    Gotta wonder who ‘Dad’ is.

    • theycallmetomu


  • theycallmetomu

    Nope nope nope nope nope.

  • Rafael Martins

    Windows 10 ain’t that bad. Windows STORE on the other hand… It’s like a spiked condom.

    • David

      Agreed. Just found ways to disable the store coming up and such so it wasn’t an issue. Surprised you had it come up like that though, maybe one of your family members had set it up earlier? I remember when I did similar, there were a good few things to click through before it’d start getting it ready. Seems weird it’d be an automatic update, unless it had already been agreed to and was downloading in the background. If you really hate Windows 10 though for some reason, there is some way to set it back to whatever you had before. Think it keeps the data of your old OS on the system for about a month to let you switch back.

      • Rafael Martins

        No, I updated it myself, a couple months later that the update first rolled out. It took it’s sweet time, but other than that no problem. My machine was a bit screwed up prior the update however, and most of those bugs carried to 10. Then my motherboard got busted, I bought another one, formatted my HD and installed again. Grated, it’s a piece of shit since the license is tied to your motherboard ID, but after I got through that hurdle, the update went OK, my machine is working fine. The transition was a bit bad, but the OS itself is pretty good actually. It even had an option to revert back to 7, in the case I didn’t liked it.
        Windows Store is shaping up to be the new GFWL however. When will those idiots learn you can’t compete with Steam by forcing their shit excuses for a DRM with exclusivity? You want to rival Steam? Offer at LEAST a service of similar quality.

  • OK, so, I repair computers. Here’s the skinny:
    Win7 to 10: last fall when the ‘free upgrade’ came out, quite a few went to shit. 8(.1) I think I only had one. I’d only had a single PC with the 7 to 10 problems this year, so it seems it ironed itself out, or the 7 to 10 upgrade is stable now.

    Still, os differences, annoyance, chance of corruption:
    If you’d like to remove that 10 upgrade notice in the lower right— yah, that little white Windows logo near your wifi meter.
    Control Panel, type ‘update’ in the search bar Windows Update should appear on the list; go into it.
    Next, go to Update History on the left, then Installed Updates.
    Now in this window, type “KB303” into the search bar, and let it look. You’re looking for KB3035583. Right click, Uninstall that.
    Now go back to the top Windows Update, and on the left again hit Check for Updates.
    Once it finishes checking — do NOT download/install yet– go into Important Updates, and KB3035583 should be there.
    Right click, Hide Update. There may also be a properly labeled listing for Windows 10 itself, so Hide that one, too.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that’s a cockring.

  • J. G. Blue

    I grabbed windows 10 the day it was available. Yet, a week ago, my computer decided to do a full reinstall of it on its own. Supposedly there was a “major update” and they needed to fully reinstall it to make it work, but the issue was that it didn’t warn me. I lost the work I was doing and went to INSTALL MODE. I Couldn’t use my pc for 2 hours and when it was done, all of my file associations were messed up, was quite annoying.

  • White Rice

    I was fortunate that 10 never automatically installed itself on my computer (something in one of the recommended updates does that apparently). What I had happen was much more “fun”

    I decided to upgrade, since the little “you only have until X date to upgrade…FOR FREE” would come up every day, and despite lacking a touch screen, 10 was still supposed to be pretty good. So, I go through the update process (after making sure I had enough space on my drive to accommodate everything) and everything seemed like it was going well. Then, during one of the bouts of “the computer will restart a bunch to complete the installation” something went wrong.

    I’m still not sure what went wrong, but the computer entered an endless “restart, installing, restart, installing” loop. After around 30 restarts, it wouldn’t get to installing anymore (maybe not 30, but this was after an hour of just the restart loop). Eventually it decides that 10 won’t work, and will revert to the last version of Windows (7). Then the real issues began.

    Windows starts up just fine, but the resolution is off. Nothing I can’t fix. I log in, I can change the resolution as there’s only 1 option available (and it’s a low one). Great, I need to reinstall the video drivers. Any attempt to do anything with the video drivers causes a restart. Now I’m thinking the install somehow fried one of my video cards (unlikely, but this is after around 4 hours of a “fast & easy upgrade” so I’m not feeling completely logical)

    Long & short of it, I get my video cards working again after a clean install of Windows (7) which had its own issues (my key for Windows only gave me French and Korean language options when I went to get the ISO, despite buying English back when I first got it) and unless I have no other option, I’m going to continue to avoid putting 10 on my computer.

  • Khalbrae

    To everybody having issues with the Windows 10 install. There is a trick.

    If you uninstall your Antivirus during the install everything goes much quicker and with fewer-no issues.

    Having one installed will conflict with the Security Defender built into Windows 10 (They combined their Security Essentials Antivirus with Windows Defender)

    So you can either leave your antivirus uninstalled and let the free Windows Defender (Now with Antivirus) do it’s job or you can disable it and reinstall your old antivirus afterwards. Makes things go so much smoother.