Evolution of Grand Theft Auto [ COMIC ]

I got Liberty City Stories about a week after I finished San Andreas. San Andreas is awesome. There’s the RPG stats system for weapons, vehicles and strength, you can climb and swim, your body changes based on what you do or don’t do… in Liberty City Stories, you have none of this. The engine was a throw back to Grand Theft Auto III. Now that engine was good, but it evolved. Its hard enough to go from playing Vice City to GTA III, I just wasn’t able to jump from San Andrea’s superior engine to and inferior outdated engine of over four years past. I’m hoping that I will like it better when it ports over to the PS2, but I’m not holding my breathe.

I had a fun time trying to track down all of the outfits that the protagonists wore in the GTA series. Only one I wasn’t sure about was GTA: London, but that’s the way the character was pictured on the UK site and well gosh darn it, that’s good enough for me.