Every Video Game Trading Sequence [ COMIC ]

This is so true. Whenever there’s a merchant or peddler in a video game that no longer has anything I need, they might as well cease to exist.

Here’s a better idea using a traditional JRPG as an example. What if the quality of items found in a game were not determined by how far through your quest you are, but combination of time and the town’s economical status?

Let’s say you start off in a wealthy town. Sure, the weapons and armor are not going to initially be OP, but this is an influential place we’re talking about. The longer you play the game, the better options they should have to offer. Same said, if you plow through the game rather quickly, the places closest to the end game might not have the quality of goods you would expect just because they haven’t been introduced yet. Or if the towns further along are poorer, they might never receive better options at all.

I think it’s an interesting concept.

source: LOLDWELL.com


  • Seth

    “Sure, the weapons and armor are not going to initially be OP”
    Why not? It’s not like the world was waiting for you to come along to start manufacturing arms (okay, it usually is like that, but it makes no sense). You just won’t be able to afford anything OP initially. The Last Remnant did a good job of making that work. Different stores have different inventories, and in larger cities, there might be multiple weapon shops, or multiple item shops, giving the impression of a free market. There are powerful items here, there, and everywhere (mixed in with the basics), but they’re not cheap. Specialty items become available as you sell trophies from random battle enemies, and for OP equipment, you need to use the (fairly convoluted) crafting system.

    • Alexander

      Makes perfect sense to me. Or at least it DOES in the RPG’s where the entire world has literally only experienced evil ONE time before the “chosen hero” arrives. (I guess evil only truly comes from humans….)

      In most RPG’s, towns really should have EVERY weapon in the game available right at the start….or at least in their inventory. Maybe they just don’t show you the OP equipment at the beginning because they want you to prove yourself worthy first :P Or maybe there are laws limiting who can sell what weapon at what time in what city. Or maybe that weaponsmith in the rich city at the beginning opened his shop up only yesterday and just hasn’t had enough business yet to catch up with the city’s economy.

      I think the issue here is less “why are the towns waiting until you are born to start creating weapons?” and more “Why is evil waiting until you’re born before trying to destroy the universe?” Seems to me like the best way to destroy the universe is to destroy it BEFORE anyone who can stop you starts existing.

  • Sigurther

    Or games in which you can kill the vendors. “Oh, you have nothing more I want and will get no more money to buy my worthless crap? Heh. Time to meet Mister Swordy.” There used to be an Astrologer in Welmar’s Castle in DikuMUD that would sell good healing vials. You could buy until your inventory was full, or fill a nearby lockable room with them…. And then kill him and get your money back. So long as you saved one healing vial, you could come back later, give the newly respawned Astrologer one, rinse, repeat. What a racket. Sadly, these healing vials were unusually heavy, so you were limited in how many you could carry.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    I’ve never much liked the idea of buying from vendors anyway.

    And let’s be realistic: the best weapons are usually item drops anyway.

  • Tokoshoran

    A better way to play it would be you could fund the shops to directly influence their funding, but their funding would naturally fluctuate based on the town’s location. More funding means better equipment, waste all your gold on junk just to make them get better stuff.

    Star Ocean: Till The End of Time actually has an invention system. The player is able to invent goods and get shops to start selling them, and the shops would have a limit on how much they have in stock, but other inventors could just as easily invent stuff and you’d have to pay more because you don’t hold the rights to it. I simple saw things as what was invented beforehand is what you’re seeing in the shops.

  • Sky Render

    I have actually seen games that let you buy extra-powerful equipment right away, as long as you can afford them. Tales of the Abyss does that with Chesedonia, though the initial price on said equipment is pretty absurd. But eventually the ultra-powerful equipment there goes down in price, until you reach the point in the game where you’re actually expected to have those weapons, at which point the price is competitive with the best merchants elsewhere in the world.

  • anon

    Try the Etrian Odyssey series. There’s only 1 town, and equipment is based on the materials you can gather from harvesting and/or killing monsters. So if you want the good stuff, you gotta kill the strong monsters in the game!