Escape from Reality [ COMIC ]

If you are not familiar with #GamerGate or anything else surrounding this previously mentioned hashtag, good for you! Don’t click that link, it will only make your life less good.

I myself first asked about this topic, before it was even called GamerGate, on the Dueling Analogs‘ Facebook page August 19th after watching a video talking about Zoë Quinn. I had no opinion on the topic and the video that I just watched was the first time I ever heard about the issue. Much as with anything else in life, a single source of information should never be the absolute basis of which you formulate an opinion upon. So I researched it more and the more I learned, the less I wanted to know. To be honest, after a while I kind of tuned the whole thing out. It was way too hard to find any sort of concrete consensus of evidence being present, which pointed the hard facts in one way or the other. So, you know what? I let it go.

You see, back when I started Dueling Analogs I enjoyed drama. Hell, I had even contributed towards it myself on multiple occasions by creating some very controversial comics (at the time). Thing is, being a parent has drastically mellowed me out. I lost any semblance of angst and became a regular family guy man. Not saying that GamerGate isn’t a major issue, because it is. I’m just saying that in the small amount of time I am allotted towards video games, I would rather focus on the one aspect that I enjoy the most: fun.


  • Sky Render

    There is nothing good in this world that cannot be ruined by a handful of people determined to twist it for their own selfish wants and needs. And while I would like to say that we have a responsibility to battle such short-sighted behaviour, the fact of the matter is that it’s everywhere. Worse, each and every one of us contribute to it in some small way overall simply by virtue of being lazy, indifferent or ignorant in a particular problem area. It is literally beyond human capacity (indeed, beyond the capacity of anything alive) to leave no negative footprint on the world. Choose your battles carefully, don’t seek out destructive solutions to your problems, and be as mindful as you can of the damage you do simply by living as you see fit. There’s little else one can reasonably be expected to do.

    • Paul

      Wow, that is probably one of the most logical things I’ve heard.

  • Jarntazecht

    I like drama to a certain extent. But some drama is better than others.

  • Sigurther

    What little I read about “gamergate” led me to believe it was merely a bunch of angry little dipshits complaining about something inconsequential and attempting to make it into a far bigger deal than it ever was. And of course, in the process, trying to utterly and unfairly destroy the reputation of a relatively innocent person in the process.

    • Lain

      Quite frankly I’m tired of this “it’s just videogames, get over it” argument, if it can even be called an argument.
      It’s a multi billion dollar industry you dunderhead, when the press is doing unprofessional crap you bet your ass it matters.

    • Grif

      You must have read the Guardian or the “Independent” or some such place. Most people involved (either emotionally or financially) have tried painting that picture.

      Nepotism and corruption in any medium is not inconsequential, and anyone trying to imply that it is is not looking at the whole picture. Sites quickly latch on to the idea that Zoe Quinn was being persecuted because she was a woman, when the reality is that nobody cares that she is. A person who has inadvertently confirmed suspicions about corruption in gaming journalism who happens to be a woman. But the double standard being displayed is real, although not by the side you’d think.

      All the sites that are involved explicitly (and even some that aren’t) refuse to talk about this. They wave it off and some, despite all logic, actually say it’s a non-issue. Alleged nepotism? How about corruption? No, nothing? Ok.

      An example of the ongoing baffling nature of these people: John Walker, a founding member of RockPaperShotgun said “For the avoidance of doubt, anyone who posts on RPS *anything* about the private lives of *anyone* will be instantly banned.”

      Look just a couple months back, and RPS is reported on Max Temkin’s (creator of Cards Against Humanity) rape allegation, of which he was falsely accused. Instead of waiting to find out, they instantly published this accusation, thereby ruining his reputation instantly with many of their readers. But now! Zoe Quinn has evidence against her that she was involved in nepotism and, in addition, raping her boyfriend (via having sex with him after cheating on him, she admitted this as rape) and they refuse to talk about it. She ticks the box they needed to talk about Temkin (except hers is real) and an additional one just for added substance. But no, it’s wrong now.

      Just one example, but one of the most poignant for showing the kind of people in gaming “journalism.”

      This industry is a joke and it’s going down in flames. The only question is how long they’ll burn.