Escape from Reality [ COMIC ]

If you are not familiar with #GamerGate or anything else surrounding this previously mentioned hashtag, good for you! Don’t click that link, it will only make your life less good.

I myself first asked about this topic, before it was even called GamerGate, on the Dueling Analogs‘ Facebook page August 19th after watching a video talking about Zoë Quinn. I had no opinion on the topic and the video that I just watched was the first time I ever heard about the issue. Much as with anything else in life, a single source of information should never be the absolute basis of which you formulate an opinion upon. So I researched it more and the more I learned, the less I wanted to know. To be honest, after a while I kind of tuned the whole thing out. It was way too hard to find any sort of concrete consensus of evidence being present, which pointed the hard facts in one way or the other. So, you know what? I let it go.

You see, back when I started Dueling Analogs I enjoyed drama. Hell, I had even contributed towards it myself on multiple occasions by creating some very controversial comics (at the time). Thing is, being a parent has drastically mellowed me out. I lost any semblance of angst and became a regular family guy man. Not saying that GamerGate isn’t a major issue, because it is. I’m just saying that in the small amount of time I am allotted towards video games, I would rather focus on the one aspect that I enjoy the most: fun.