End of Steam Sale Day [ COMIC ]

I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t celebrate Steam Sale Day (conflicting religious beliefs), but I do acknowledge the good spirit of sharing behind the holiday.

Friends and I used to have our own holiday. It was called Couch Day. This was years before the Australian Couch Day event, that takes place on the 10th of October and first began in 2012. I even used to own the domain too… Before I let it expire.

The holiday started because I gave some friends a couch we no longer needed and referred to said event as Couch Day.

The mythos behind it is that on the second Sunday in December, the Sofa King briefly wakes from his continuous slumber on his couch. During this short awakening, he bribes his nearby friends with any items or food that he found in the couch so that they will leave him alone for another calendar year.

The way we celebrated it was that you exchanged gifts with friends that had a maximum value of no more than $5, ate typical food you would consume while watching television, and then just enjoyed a good movie together. It was a simple premise, but in the few years we celebrated it it was a fun one.

source: Pseudofolio