Eat Sleep Live Game [ COMIC ]

Recently, when I start dosing off, visions of Candy Crush Saga starts dancing in my head. I’m arranging all those damn candy pieces in my mind so that I can create combinations and clear a level. I used to do the exact same thing, years ago, when I used to play Tetris a lot. I cannot really think of any other games I’ve done this with. Probably has something to do with puzzle games and the action of stimulating the brain.


  • I almost feel that this should have an animation that loops by zooming in to the dream.

  • MindTricked

    That happens to me, but only with MMORPGs. First happened with UO, then WoW, then GW2, and currently Marvel Heroes. It’s horrendous… especially when I get a great item drop and realize that I’m dreaming :-/