Early Access in a Nutshell [ COMIC ]

I have never bought early access before. I have supported KickStarters that give me beta builds and such, but never directly bought early access. For me, they are pretty much the same thing with a playable demo, but maybe you guys can clarify it in the comment section below.

source: Facebook
via: Reddit


  • Lazy Commander

    Early access allows you to buy the game before it’s finished and acces an early playable build. It used to be some AAA developer would release the game a few weeks early usually before NDAs where lifte and called it early access but I don’t know if they still do that anymore.

    Anyway this comic seems to be about season passes and that’s something else. Those allow you to buy DLCs for a completed game in bulk before they are anounced and released. I’ve seen a bit of them that won’t unlock every DLCs but I don’t know if they usually warn beforehand. The bigger risk in my opinion is having payed for some pretty shody DLCs instead.