Dueling Analogs 5:16 [ COMIC ]

Did you know that the Playstation Network is back up? Close enough, right? [1]

Have you synced all your trophies you got during the downtime, yet? Personally, I haven’t yet. Maybe this weekend.

So for discussion sake: Has this incident with the Playstation Network changed your opinion of Sony, the Playstation Network and/or it’s competition in anyway? Curious to see what you guys have to say.

Update: Well, shit! That seriously sucks. I’ve just been informed that Buckley did a very similar joke. FUCK!!! I so hate when that happens. Seriously, I checked some other gaming webcomics to see if they had made this joke already because it seemed so very obvious to me. I checked Penny Arcade, Nerf NOW!!, Fanboys, Virtual Shackle, Another Videogame Webcomic, Digital Unrest, VG Cats and Awkward Zombie and thought I was in the clear. But I wasn’t, because I forgot to check Ctrl+Alt+Del, as well. DAMMIT! Seriously, if I would have know Buckley had already done with premise, I would have never done it. In conclusion: Well, shit…


  • DaWombat

    first? also, not a hater, love the comic, but it seems that this joke has already been done by one Tim Buckley :P love the stained glass though!

  • Jacob

    Lol, you and Tim Buckley made the same joke. Always amusing when that happens.

  • FUCK!!!

  • Dithan

    Great minds think alike =D

  • DeltaOne


  • Midean

    I read the joke here first. Honestly I prefer this version. Even if it was a bit different than his normal comic style. It really was within the realm of cheesy toon. The reason I come to Dueling analogs is the refinement each comic shows. This is also a style that isn’t part of the artist’s concrete personal style. While similar this version is shorter and gives more of an impact.

    • I appreciate that.

    • Ken

      It *is* within Buckley’s style to do this type of joke, when you take into account Wintereenmas and the whole ‘Church of Gaming’ story-subplots. Thankfully, I exist in a universe where nothing is true and everything is allowed. So long as everyone has a good time, it really doesn’t matter. The take away is that we can thank God (and maybe Sony) for bringing the PSN back.

      Love the stained glass, Steve. I especially like the 2nd one.

  • Bonkers

    It’s okay, nobody likes Tim Buckley anyways.

  • The Anarchyz

    Steve, great minds think alike (unless you don’t see Buckley as one, then though sh*t XD), besides, everyone is a Penny Arcade ripoff http://www.duelinganalogs.com/comic/2007/06/26/penny-arcade-by-any-other-name/

    About the topic, it didn’t change my mind about Sony, i already knew it was a matter of time when they started attacking Geohot and Fail0verflow, and since they do security “really well” (i’m still amazed at the use of a constant for the encryption algorithm) i knew it was going to be a big attack.

  • cybergeek

    “its”, not “it’s” ;)

    • Jacob

      No, no, “it’s” is the proper form for the contraction of “it is.” “Its” is the possessive form of the pronoun “it.”

      Regardless, I wouldn’t get too worked up about it Steve. You two at least presented the joke in visually different manners :p

      • Sparanda

        “its” would have been correct in this comic instead of “it’s” but a single grammatical error in dozens/hundreds of comics is pretty good work.

        • Single? Ha, ha… You have not been reading my comic that long, then. I make grammatical mistakes all the teim.

        • Jacob

          Haha, I thought the comment was referring to the comment directly above it… WHOOPS.

  • blackguard

    CAD doesn’t count.

  • SilverDogg

    Seeing as how cad sucks monkeyballs, they dont count anyway. You still win ;-)

    • Jazzypants

      Correct. Tim Buckley hasn’t been funny in a LONG ass time.

  • Nuckel

    I like yours way better. Seriously, CAD’s version with the logo replacing the head is just boring…

  • podlowe

    You never stooped to the level of having a miscarriage in your comics. You win.

  • Zikco

    I think yours is better. :)
    You didn’t include a stab at Anonymous, who may or may not be involved. ;)
    (Innocent until proven guilty, yes?)

  • Don’t beat yourself up Steve… Everyone knows they use a captive Hiro Nakamura’s blood to power their dark-arts inscribed Delorean to go back in time with the stolen ideas of the competition.

    • Hriki

      But if they stole ideas from the future and used them in the past, then the ideas would have never been thought of in the present/past for them to steal in the future to use……..But who cares, your version is better :) Buckley can suck it!

      • Grim R@per

        I think it was probably more the sands of time.

        • How do you think the dang contraption *brakes*?

  • Triaxx

    Fah, both versions are awesome. That’s why I read both.

  • Arnihs

    I got a double laugh from your comic so that’s a win in my book. I also read CAD an I like his stuff, lets hope VGcats does the same thing but with… cats lol

  • Two comic writers making the same joke doesn’t surprise me. What surprises me is that people still read CAD. No, I’m not attempting to be a dick for humor. I honestly believed that everyone walked away from that comic after the miscarriage and revelation that the writer on the strip isn’t that great. You learn something new every day.

  • Herbert

    How come a miscarriage comic that was done as maturely as possible is frowned upon but an abortion comic that was made into a joke is fine? Sometimes I will never understand people on the internet.

  • DittoToo

    The whole thing was just one big ruse whose soul purpose was to get us to use PSN Plus.

  • Burmy

    Seriously nobody gives a shit what Tim Buckley does because his comic is shit and he’s a royal douchebag, so bravo on doing the same thing he did and doing it so much better. I’m actually glad you didn’t check CAD because that would mean you’d thought it was on the same level as the others, which its not.


  • MawkFive

    While the premise was the same as Buckley’s, your execution was far, FAR superior.

  • raydude16

    i still like CAD but yours is better!

  • Aetheora

    I don’t trust whatever “security” they have now. I’m probably still gonna terminate my account after I plan ahead a bit.

  • Raiden_Fireblade

    I like the variation you did on your joke and it is still funny.

  • Kira

    I’m not entirely sure why everyone cares about which is better, that CAD is supposedly “bad” or that the same joke will be made by different writers. Gasp internet drama, ohnoes. Probably skirting the real issue that Sony has become the butt of every joke out there at the moment and, oh my god, people might make draw the same ideas. Oh well. Both were fine. I like both comics. Nuff’ said.

  • BULL

    your version is classier

  • Teverant

    Yes. I will continue to not have a PS3 until the system is dead. This is a minor shift from “-until I can find an original series for under $100”

    Mind you, I’m a big fan of many of Sony’s properties and the previous two systems. I continue to this day to collect games from both. But the PS3 is too extravagant an expense, and now a liability, to afford.

    Sadly, this plan will likely cut me off from the good downloadable content, though at that time it would all probably also be easily available for a hacked console OS

  • deABREU

    at least your strip has good art.

    don’t get so hard on yourself, a lot of times people make the same jokes, you see that all the time in newspapers’ cartoons; what matters is that you made it your way, and readers get to pick which approach they like the best.
    rock on.

    PS: that would be “its cross”, not “it’s cross”. “it’s” is contraction of “it is”, “its” is the possessive noun

  • Vake Xeacons

    Yeah, stained glass version’s definitely better. And it makes perfect sense, considering how religious Sony fans are. I don’t have a lot of faith in Sony or PSN right now, after 3 (or was it 4) attacks. How long will PSN stay online? How long until the next attack? I’ve always wanted a PS3, but now I don’t know. I think I would have sold it after the second hit. But people still worship Sony, and they want their PSN. Good luck to you all. Hope it works out.

    • The Anarchyz

      This is not exclusive to Sony (as most 3rd party games XD), Microsoft has also that kind of religious loyalty, during the RROD years i heard a lot of 360 owners buying their 3rd, 4th and 5th 360, even when the 1st one got the extended warranty (some even said “I can’t wait for them to bring me my 360, i’m buying a new one”)…

      • All of this reminds me of a previous Dueling Analogs comic.

        • The Anarchyz

          One of my favorite comics. But the PS1 comment didn’t do justice to the system in some ways, it was the best in sound and in media (cartridges did a lot of damage to the N64 rep, even with faster loadings, it was the main reason a lot of 3rd party moved, specially Square), and it was slightly easier to develop for than the N64 (mostly because of the media) and a lot easier than the Saturn (quads instead of triangles on the 3D engine? please).

          Now the PS3 is similar to the 360 in raw power (up in physics, down in G-acceleration, PS3 has more game-space, 360 is easier to develop due to MS tools, but still, very similar), and both are better than the Wii in power and 3rd party titles, yet the Wii is still the #1 in sales…

          I think the only gen (since the crash) that the best hardware won in sales was the SNES era…

    • BlackShepherd

      Xbl isn’t any better **** gets hacked all the time. Just not the whole thing at once and microsoft doesn’t care as long as you give them 10 a month. Sorry if i sound burnt i got my first account stolen awhile back.

  • Ah Steve, sorry it’s a repeat. But I do prefer your version. The stained glass treatment elevates the joke in a way that the more literal version just doesn’t capture. I mean, I guess I’m biased cause I know you, but I really prefer your version. And I wouldn’t say shit in public if I didn’t really believe it. So that counts for something!

  • Larry

    I found this version to be a lot funnier than the CAD version, tbh.

    Also, you seem like a cool guy and Buckley is a douche (from what I’ve heard and seen for myself), so you win there, too.

  • Gen

    Buckly shoped the PSN logo onto one of his million pre-made characters
    You actually drew stained glass to chronicle the whole fiasco.