Dueling Analogs 5:16 [ COMIC ]

Did you know that the Playstation Network is back up? Close enough, right? [1]

Have you synced all your trophies you got during the downtime, yet? Personally, I haven’t yet. Maybe this weekend.

So for discussion sake: Has this incident with the Playstation Network changed your opinion of Sony, the Playstation Network and/or it’s competition in anyway? Curious to see what you guys have to say.

Update: Well, shit! That seriously sucks. I’ve just been informed that Buckley did a very similar joke. FUCK!!! I so hate when that happens. Seriously, I checked some other gaming webcomics to see if they had made this joke already because it seemed so very obvious to me. I checked Penny Arcade, Nerf NOW!!, Fanboys, Virtual Shackle, Another Videogame Webcomic, Digital Unrest, VG Cats and Awkward Zombie and thought I was in the clear. But I wasn’t, because I forgot to check Ctrl+Alt+Del, as well. DAMMIT! Seriously, if I would have know Buckley had already done with premise, I would have never done it. In conclusion: Well, shit…