Don’t be rude! [ COMIC ]

The comic would have been finished closer to midnight, but I just got the inks back for the outer circle book cover art at midnight and I was busy working on the colors. Right now I’m keeping it a secret, but I can’t wait until I disclose who the cover artist is for the book… It’s really friggin’ sweet.

The donation drive is going really well. In only two days, we’re one fourth of the way there (there’s some pending donations that haven’t posted yet). Unless something really big happens today, odds are there won’t be a third comic this week. But there’s a very good chance, at the current rate, that there will be one next week. Thanks to everyone who donated… I greatly appreciate it.

Lastly, I’m working on a new t-shirt design to sell at Nekocon X. A few people have already seen it and the receptions been really good. I’ll have a pre-order run of it before I send it to the printers, just incase some of you might want one.