Doctor Chu [ COMIC ]

I stopped watching Doctor Who a few years ago. I thought Christopher Eccleston did a good job, it was fun to watch David Tennant run around all the time and I thought that Matt Smith was the perfect encapsulation of silly to serious, but I just don’t care for Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Nothing against Peter Capaldi as an actor, because he is a very good one. I just don’t care for “his” version of the Doctor and the feel of the show that came from it. So I stopped watching.

A friend of mine told me that they refer to people like me as “casual fans.” You know, people who don’t like every Doctor. I guess I’m just not obsessed enough to be a “true fan” in their eyes.

It’s like asking someone who says they like Gundam to like every Gundam series. Not going to happen. I guess they’re all just “casual” Gundam fans, too.

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  • I recommend everyone go watch The Thick Of It. Revel in Capaldi’s abusive, sweary, manipulative character. It makes watching Doctor Who even more enjoyable because you expect a sweary rant at any moment :D

    Doubly fun since he made a time travel joke in that show long before he was the Doctor

  • FlyingPurpleHippo

    I did the same thing, the last season with Matt Smith started putting me off and when Mr. Capaldi showed up he wasn’t enough to save it.

  • Yoyomom

    Dr. Chu regenerated into Pichu.