Different Genres [ COMIC ]

Hasn’t this already happened?

JRPG = Super Mario RPG
Fighting = Super Smash Bros.
Horror = Luigi’s Mansion

Maybe they’re not as graphic as the comic, I still think Nintendo has still managed to hit those key points, though.

source: deviantART


  • skyrender

    The internet never gets tired of “reimagining” Mario as something edgy and/or gory. And it never stops being lame and stupid, either. The only way it could be any less Mario is if he shaved his mustache and ditched his overalls.

  • Roam85

    Obviously Mario has never tried these genres before. Maybe they can even reimagine Mario in the following untested genres:

    Rail Shooter using the SNES super scope
    Typing simulator
    Where in the world is carmen sandiego type edutainment game
    Where in time is carmen sandiego type edutainment game
    Party Game
    Sports Game
    Kart Racer
    3D Platformers
    2D Platformers

  • theycallmetomu

    Just waitin’ for my Mario turn based strategy game.

  • Paul D’Arbonne

    I think maybe the problem is that sometimes people feel that a genre has to be done a specific way. People forget that thinking outside the box keeps things fresh. Not saying people are wrong or terrible for thinking the way they do, but it does make ya wonder.

  • Annales

    Is someone saying they miss Mario Picross and Dr. Mario?