Day in the Life of a Shy Guy [ COMIC ]

Shy Guys are definitely some of the more adorable characters in the Doki Doki Panic Super Mario Bros. universe.


  • BigLord

    So… Mario saved the shy guy from the bullies?


  • Gathma

    I’ll never kill another Shy-Guy…

  • jnite

    Mario picks up the stunned shy guy. The Shy-Guy smiles as he realizes how kind this mighty plumper is. Here comes Shy-Guy’s friends to thank the plumper for his help.

    The Shy-Guy then realizes that he is hurdling towards his friends at great speed. The plumber has used him a living projectile weapon. Oh the horror!

    • J. G.

      From now on I shall always refer to Mario as “the Plumper.”

      • n17r4m