Dawn of the Final Day [ COMIC ]

If it was me, I would probably be the guy still working. How many times over the past decade have we had an “End of the World” day now? I think I just continued working on those days, too. Just saying…


  • Yue

    And then you have idiots who would go pillage all the stores… Because, you know, they will totally get to use the stuff the stole after the world ends, right?

    • Krixous

      Hey who knows maybe the moron who stole 50 50 inch tvs will be the one survivor and build his new settlement out of those tvs

  • Sky Render

    I have to side with the carpenter from Majora’s Mask on this one. If the end is going to happen, it’s going to happen. Worrying about it or changing your schedule won’t help a thing, it’ll just make you miserable. Better to do whatever it was you were planning to do anyway. At least you’ll go out with a modicum of calmness if it turns out to be real. And if it isn’t, you won’t have anything to look back on and regret.